kaipara Holistic Therapies


Allow yourself a session of pure calm with an Indian Head Massage. Originating in India, and westernised to incorporate a larger area of the upper body, this soothing, oil-free, seated massage is carried out through the clothing. A t-shirt is ideal. The seven major energy centres (chakras) will be checked with a pendulum before and after treatment to assess their strength and vitality. The aura is cleansed with Aura Soma Pomander, and relaxation techniques are applied. Acupressure points and frictional massage is used to gently release muscle tension held in the head, scalp, facial muscles, jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back. This is followed through with massage of the arms, and also the hands, thus relieving stress in the whole of the upper body. The use of acupressure points frees the flow of chi energy throughout the body, invigorating the meridians and bringing the whole body into balance.

Charges: One hour $50
Allow longer for your first visit for a consultation to take place. To make an appointment please telephone 0211505888 or email using the Make an Enquiry at the bottom of the page. Appointments available weekday afternoons and evenings.

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