kaipara Holistic Therapies


Allow yourself total relaxation time with Reflexology. Indulge your feet with a refreshing pre-treatment foot bath, before lying on the treatment couch, supported by comfortable knee and ankle rests. The chakras will be checked with a pendulum before and after treatment to assess their strength and vitality, and the aura cleansed with Aura Soma Pomander. Be soothed by the ambient atmosphere, and the relaxing foot massage, before the gentle but very specific treatment begins. The feet are a mirror image of the body. There are over 60 points on the feet which are worked on in sequence during treatment. These relate to every part, every organ and every system of the body. Problems within the body, both past and present are reflected at these points, and can be identified, worked on, and freed. The body is brought into harmony, and natural balance is restored. A truly relaxing but specific treatment.

Charges: One hour  $50 
Allow longer for your first visit for a consultation to take place. To make an appointment please telephone 0211505888 or email using Make an Enquiry at the bottom of the page. Appointments available weekday afternoons and evenings.

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