kaipara Holistic Therapies


Reiki (pronounced Ray key) originated in Japan and is a form of energy healing. This is the original Usui Method. The recipient remains clothed and lies on my comfortable treatment couch, knee supports taking the strain from the back. Fragrant Aura Soma Pomander is used to cleanse the aura. The seven major energy centres (the chakras) are checked with a pendulum before and after treatment to assess the strength and vitality of each, and the changes that have taken place. Then my hands are laid on or over the seven major chakras on the front of the body. The Reiki energy travels from my hands, to the chakra points of the body energising sluggish chakra energy, thus starting the healing process on both physical and emotional levels. The recipient may feel heat, local changes in temperature as the energy travels, and trapped emotions may be released. Everyone's experience is different, as the energy goes where it is most needed. It is a truly holistic treatment for body, mind and spirit, and is deeply relaxing on all levels.You may simply want an experience of total relaxation. Reiki is also particularly helpful for pain relief, the release of mental or emotional stress, and for the healing of injuries. 

Charges: One hour $50 
Allow longer for your first visit for a consultation to take place. To make an appointment please telephone 0211505888  or email using the Make an Enquiry at the bottom of the page. Appointments available weekday afternoons and evenings.

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